Apex Battle pass progression too slow?

Apex battle pass is so slow. If you work full time you havent really got that much time to be playing games all the time.I heard that you get 6xp a second then there is 3,600 seconds in an hour times that number by 6 then your left with 21,000. That's isnt even a level for 1 hours worth of gameplay. Even if you got the battle pass at the start of the season if you have a job you still havent got time to reach tear 100. They should have more then 3 levels per weekly challenge maybe 5bp levels per week. Plus some of the challenges are stupid like win a game in league. What if you dont play league because you find games like that too intense for your play style and you just want to relax, chill and play some apex. Not be grinding solid with a game full of other intense gamers. Respawn and EA should be trying to overtake fortnite but if fortnite has an easier progression system and the main thing people love about games is being able to feel like they are achieving something by playing it and if they are having to sit there and have a solid grind for over an hour just to get 1bp level when they could earn 2 in fortnite then allot of people will go there. Personally I cant stand fortnite because the building is too much for my liking but I can understand why apex isnt as popular due to the progression system not suitable unless your at home most of the time and can sit there and spend most of your life playing 1 game. I got the battlepass a little bit late cos i stopped playing games for a short while so I didnt get it till about a month in and in the last week or just over ive got 17 tears. I roughly play about 4 hours a day. Allot of these tears are from challenges I avarage myself reaching around tear 60 if i got the game a week earlier I would have reached roughly 70. This should be sorted and this game should not just be aimed at intense grinders that make youtube videos for a living and are willing to buy tears to show the content to the public to get them to play it. If you want more players make them feel the sense of achievement and not frustration.

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