Apex Legends is a game that deserves a custom mode

I've been playing first person shooters for most of my life by this point, everything from every CoD to every Halo. Doom, Quake, Farcry, Goldeneye, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Overwatch, Crysis, Timesplitters, and definitely Titanfall. But never have I ever played a game that felt so clean, so spectacular. The game mechanics of Apex are the most joy I've ever felt in a shooter. You can jump, and slide, and climb anything you set your heart to. Just the act of sliding and jumping a barrier you hardly make it over is still so fun no matter how many hours I put into this game.

A custom game mode for Apex would be the biggest upgrade it could ever receive. While I have nothing against the Battle Royale format (they're actually very intuitive and fun in my opinion) it's simply a shame that such good game mechanics would be built into a single formula. If we could set a ring around any part of the map, either static or closing, set up spawn points, place some guns and do a 4v4 TDM, it would hands-down make it the best FPS game of the year. It would put me straight back into my Halo 3 and Cod:Mod 2 days, the golden days, on the current generation.

Please consider, Respawn, I have faith it can be done. I know it would be hard work, but there's really no rush because we're not going anywhere. Season 3 is looking amazing.

Thank you

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d9a50n/apex_legends_is_a_game_that_deserves_a_custom_mode/

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