Had a Teammate Start Toxic and Finish The Match Calling Us Legends

Late last night I matched up with a couple of randoms and started the match normally. After about 4 minutes one teammate started the robot voice trolling talking trash because we spread out a bit to loot.

A min or two later he's now in trouble and was downed. It's 2 vs. 3 now and we wipe that opposing team. This guy now decides to turn on his mic and says how "genuinely shocked how you guys were capable of doing that." Everything after that was sarcastic and just being generally annoying. The same annoying guy gets knocked again and then finished off. Thinking he was going to just disconnect he surprisingly stuck around but kept mentioning things that we were doing "wrong".

As we make our way to the final rounds I decide to respawn him. That's when it changed. We pinged weapons, boxes, and armor. He was now surprised we were helping him, he wanted to actually try and not be such an A-hole. 2 opposing teams left and this guy CHARGES alone into the tunnel between Artillery and Cascades and guess what? He gets dropped immediately. He's now pinging enemies and letting us know who's in that tunnel.

We patiently wait for the final circle to flush out the last 2 teams and we have the high ground. A solo Caustic gets demolished and the final team hears the short battle and charges out and we wipe them out for the win. This same annoying guy is now yelling "HOLY S*** YOU GUYS ARE LEGENDS!"

Sometimes the best way to fight an annoying player is by showing them how not to be a dick. I hope he went into his next game with an 80% less A-hole attitude.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bugtnw/had_a_teammate_start_toxic_and_finish_the_match/

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