Apex Outline idea. What you think?

Hello guys, i was thinking about outlines in apex for a long time now, simply but very cool idea imo.

In apex some skins merge with the colors of textures making them hard to track in some dark locations. I don't know if its only me, but sometimes i have that moment while me and enemy exchange fire and opponent need to reload, at that moment when they dont make any muzzleflash, i can loose track of them for literally 0.5 sec, actually lost few times because of that,its not much but single miss can change outcome of the fight. Of course its not very common, it happens in darker area's, closer range, enemy need to have dark colored skin but still, and since we had the muzzle flash patch when we can actually see where we shoot this could be nice addition to apex.

Of course it would have some restrictions like when u hip fire outline is only visible if the enemy is close to you and you aim directly at them, when ADS distance is increased but hostile is visible only within your scope, so you cant just ADS and see enemy profile at the end of your screen, scope's values matters, things that block your sight like smoke, gas affect it so you dont see outline in or through them. So what you guys think?


Here's some more screenshots of that concept that i made in paint (also english is not my native language so sorry if there are some mistakes)


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gbsg3l/apex_outline_idea_what_you_think/

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