Apex Store revamp, ‘Discount Tokens’

So we all know the Apex strore is garbage. I understand it's a free game and they need to make money so I am all for cosmetic items being available for sale. So here's my revamp that would make me play more, AND spend more.

  • $18 for a non-transferable/tradebale skin is insane, I have never even contemplated buying one, and Iv spent $60 on loot ticks, and hundreds in Rocket Leauge. Step one is reducing the cost of legendaries to $12.
  • The current method for re-colors is fine, however they should add re-colors of Epics for a slightly reduced legend coin cost. Maybe add some Neons, white/black, rainbow, etc.
  • Store turnover rate should be greatly increased, and uniform across the whole store. The items should be available for 48hrs, and then the entirety should be dumped for an entirely new store, this gives the players enough time to view the store and not feel like the store is stale.
  • limited time re-skins should be added, and noted as such 'one time re-skin' that last 1 week to be purchased with Legend Coins. Similar to how the wild hunt skins were added at the end of the season. I understand there isn't a ton of duplicate skins being sold at this point, but with an accelerated 48hr store eventually some skins will come back into rotation, but some should be rare and not available again.

Now here's where it gets interesting, discount tokens.

  • Step one is buying a 'discount token' for 25k Legend coins
  • after purchase it can be applied to one legend
  • it then needs to be 'charged' by getting wins with whatever legend you apply it to
  • 3 wins gives you a 25% discount
  • or you can keep playing to get 5 wins and a 50% discount
  • once the discount token is charged it can be applied in the apex store to one item
  • after you use the token, you can buy another token but it must be applied to a different legend, as well as your 3rd token. So 3 legends must be used to get 3 discount tokens, at which point you can go back to the any legend you want to for your 4th discount token. This will hopefully encourage use of other legends like the XP boost.

This not only encourages people to play the game, but it also reduces the cost of in store items to a price point where I would feel comfortable. The tokens coupled with a 48hr store turnover create an aspect of urgency that can get players to grind for wins. This reintroduces the positive feedback loop we had in lvl1-lvl100 with the free loot ticks, while also still making money for the company.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c3utzq/apex_store_revamp_discount_tokens/

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