balance tuning ideas

Just was curious what ideas people had for which weapons/legends are in need of balancing and how that might be accomplished. Here are some of mine:


P2020- This weapon is sorely in need of a buff, a flat damage increase should suffice as it can be pretty accurate at times but lacks the stopping power required to effectively be used outside of very early match situations where no alternative options are available.

Alternator- This weapon should differentiate itself from the other two light ammo SMGs with a range buff. Coupled with it's namesake alternating recoil pattern and relatively slow RoF, it would stand out a bit vs other short range options by having a more versatile engagement distance with the obvious trade-off being a lower overall DPS.

Mozambique- Another weapon that needs a bit of love, it has been widely regarded as the worst weapon in the game and quite terrible in comparison to the other two shotguns. Rather than going the same route as I suggested for the P2020, I think this gun should be reworked a little. Firstly, move the mag size to 4 rounds, this isn't a significant buff on its own but coupled with my next suggestion it will make a lot of sense. I think the Mozambique should be outfitted with the ability to add the select fire receiver attachment. The way this would work would be to have the standard firing mode and a secondary mode that fired two shells simultaneously. This would come with addition recoil to offset the obvious advantages and with the additional round added to the magazine size, you'd be capable of firing off two dual shell shots per reload. This would turn the Moz into the classic "sawnoff" shotgun archetype found in many other shooters; poor range, small mag size, and high recoil compensate for it's capacity to dish out massive DPS in a very unforgiving fashion.

I think all of the other weapons are in a pretty good spot in terms of balance otherwise, the last weapon balance update greatly lined up the outliers in terms of keeping all weapons viable without being OP.


Bloodhound- The main issue I have with Bloodhound is his ineffective tactical. In its current state, the chances of the ability being detrimental are about as high as using it successfully. Solving this isn't cut and dry either. There are a number of ways his tactical could be improved. One is increasing it's effective range, this is likely the simplest solution. Currently, bloodhounds tactical has such a poor detection distance that most high tier players will be in an entirely different position in relation to your line of sight on their pinged location that it makes it fairly useless outside of infiltration of buildings, use vs Bangalore smoke/caustic gas, or tracking down an enemy who has just ducked behind cover to heal. Increasing the effective detection distance will allow the ability to be used more… well, TACTICALLY as the distance an enemy will be able to travel at the fringes of an expanded detection zone will be smaller, reducing instances of a moving target being pinged well behind their true location in relation to your field of view. Another option is reducing or eliminating the enemy's ability to see/hear the ability being used. The final option, and in my opinion the best, is to give this tactical ability a short time of detection. Rather than an instant blip that becomes obsolete immediately on moving enemy the ability should outline enemies in it's effective radius for 2 seconds or so.

Gibralter- I think Gibby could use a tactical buff as well. Giving his bubble shield the ability to buff teammate's ultimate cool down speed while inside would give incentive for teams to use this ability more offensively/proactively rather than purely defensively/reactively.

Wraith- I know most think Wraith is already in a good enough place and doesn't need a buff but I think her Ult is a little weak and not useful enough considering it's long cool down time. Instead of reducing the cooldown though, I think the buff should be in the form of increased movement speed when activated. This would allow it to be used effectively in a lot more situations and I don't see a 25% increase in speed making her overpowered considering the distance would remain the same and the cool down is pretty long currently.

So those are my personal opinions, what do you guys think? Have any ideas for balancing things I might have missed? I know my list is all buffs but personally I don't see anything overpowered enough to warrant a nerf currently (besides maybe a slight Pathfinder cooldown reduction, though I don't know if he's statistically effective enough to warrant that).


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