Better aim after slicing nerve in left thumb

About two months ago I had a piece of glass slice through a nerve and partially through a tendon in my left thumb (literally right into the bend of my thumb. Hurt worse than a 7.5mm kidney stone)

Prior to my injury I would consider myself a sub mediocre player on my best day. Since coming back to the game and finally getting used to the new map, I’m wrecking shit. Had 1 game that broke 1k damage all second season. Yesterday I won 3 in a row with 3 different random teams all breaking 1200 damage (finally feel like I can realistically chase that 2k badge) and getting 3 or more kills.

I’m not saying I’m suddenly amazing at this game but the only thing I can think of is barely being able to move my left thumb anymore has somehow improved my aim. Half of the surface of my thumb is still numb from the nerve damage and yet somehow I’m playing better than ever.

If you read this far, I’ll see myself out saying "cool story bro".


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