Bloodhound buff

So like I have seen lots oof ways of buffing bloodhound but I thought of something I would like to see now hear me out this might sound dumb. But im making this from an aggressive type player view

His tactical could only have a 10-15 second cooldown
Since it would be so useful for aggressive players

His ultimate which really defines him could have a sort of momentum ability this can be used in lots of ways for example every kill in beast of the hunt could add 5-10 seconds of the ultimate meaning you could be dropping people left and right and be unstoppable for a significant amount of time(personally would love something like this)

Another way for momentum in his ultimate could be damage wise like every 200-300 dmg could be 20% of getting his ultimate back. Would unintentionally making a damage tracker but honestly doesnt sound like the best but just throwing ideas out

Honestly I just love everything about bloodhound but theres alot wrong his ultimate is the best thing about him second would be his passive but his tactical takes too long

Thank you for taking the time to read my stupid post
And please offer any ideas you have if you feel that bloodhound shouldnt be at this spot currently in the meta and should be buffed.


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