Can we take a moment to talk about our THICC BOI Gibraltar

Im probably the first to say this but believe it or not gibraltar sucks. But even though currently hes about as useful as a human shield he has the best move set of any legend so far imo. But all of that dosent matter when hes so big that bullets seem to be magnetized to his dummy THICC suit of "armour". right now the only way to effectively play him is to 1) camp the whole game while being practically glued to your teammates, 2) have robotic aim and reflexes or be so stratigic war general's would be knocking on your door, or 3) just play with noobs. This makes playing gibby feel like playing the lottery just hoping you get the right game.

What about A solution for gib that doesn't involve buffing his defense into the stratosphere? Fix his passive, and I don't mean just flipping the gun shield so it extends vertically (which should've been fixed pre-season but ok respawn). Why is it that gibraltar requires a gun to use the sheild ATTACHED TO HIS ARM? if he could just pop that baby out anytime it would completely change how people play and fight him. Not only would this give gib the ability to push on a squad into cover but also to disengage on a zip line. So many times have I seen a gibby die without a weapon right at the start with no mean to defend other than a dome that only works in specific situations. I know what im asking wouldn't happen overnight but the fact that respawn has left one of their best legends to rot with only minuscule buffs is insulting.

TLDR: gib bad pls fix

Also please visit r/gibraltarmains that sub needs more attention 🙁


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