Caustic Changes/buffs

So as a Caustic main ive been playing him since before season 1, and ive loved him through all of it and im especially loving the recent change made to his Gas about it no longer slowing allies. But ive noticed throughout my playtime on him that a few problems have arised.
1. Enemy Gas being identical to my own, whilst this isnt a problem for me as im almost always Cautic but the amount of times my teammates have ran into the wrong gas is too high. Now whilst I give calls about which gas is mine its not always helpful enough, and I wish there was a way to differentiate based off of colour so maybe like different greens or a yellowish green or just something that makes it different enough between 2 caustics so that their teammates can distinguish.
2. Caustics Gas not being as scary anymore, this is probably due to players being more and more comfortable over time with the gas or with damage in general. But I rarely actually scare people out of a room due to the fact that they can rush in and out with only a small amount of damage being dealt to them unless its an ult, in which case is the only time I see people respect it at all. Now the only fix I can think of is maybe a buff or a change to how much damage the gas does.

But whats all of your opinions on some changes for caustic? Do you agree that he needs something done to him? Or do you think that the recent buff has made him good enough or maybe even too strong?

Im curious as to other people's perspectives on the matter because my teammates are in love with the new buff, since I gas everything up, so they can move unimpeded but they still hate that they get clouded vision and not just keep their normal vision.


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