Could I just say for a moment. Fuck Pathfinder.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but that legend pisses me off. It’s hitbox, is bullshit, it’s ability is bullshit, and it’s ult is bullshit. There have been so many times where I will get the bastard one shot and he’ll grapple away, use his ult and then basically be in the other side of the map. And he (or she 😅) has the largest smallest hitbox, and I have an extremely hard time getting my shots to hit. Not to mention that you have to aim like ten feet in front of him when he is grappling. And it’s also bullshit how at any point he can take highground when it takes every other legend forever to get on top of a roof. Having constant high ground is sooooo over powered.
And, at least on Xbox, almost every single team has a pathfinder on it. That says something about how overpowered that legend is. If the circle ends on either Repulser or Airbase, the team with the pathfinder is going to win because no one can get on top of those walls. And if you don’t have a pathfinder on your team you gotta stay away from that bone wall between market and skull town, pathfinders get their team up there so easily. I’m just a poor little Mirage main doing his best to open a door climb on top of that, climb on a wall then another one and a pathfinder is already shoving his peacekeeper down my throat. I find myself hunting pathfinders because if I don’t go for them first, they will kill me. I wish there was a stat for how many times each legend has killed you, I guarantee you half of my deaths would be from pathfinders. And maybe it’s because I suck, but maybe some of you agree that pathfinder is overpowered.
I just hate being at the end of the map and seeing like ten zip lines from rooftop to rooftop. And the only counter is to play Octane who’s ult is not nearly as affective as pathfinder’s grapple.
This is gonna piss people off since everyone plays as pathfinder, but please Respawn, nerf pathfinder.


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