The Longbow needs a slight nerf.

This may be unpopular, but I think the longbow is ruining the meta in certain ways. Along with muzzle flash, it's getting harder and harder to battle any kind of height advantage in this game because the longbow just rips through everything. I've taken to using it as well, which kind of makes the whole game redundant at some point. Some of these weapons are now just completely useless.

What is its drawback? It basically has none. It can hunt with a 2x scope, it can hunt with a 10x scope at the top tier of weapons. It covers massive ground. Players can't even be reached half the time that sit and camp with a longbow.

Another issue is XIM users on console in Plat and above. Hell, there are smurfs now just using XIM in regular servers lol. The longbow is giving these guys MASSIVE advantages over anybody. Ever played the PC version? Well the longbow is just out of hand at this point, and when you put it in the hands of a console player using XIM well goodbye everything.

The problem is XIM is becoming an epidemic in console games, and somebody needs to do something about it, namely Sony or Respawn if they can even track it.

But at this rate the longbow just needs a nerf. I say nerf the rate of fire to be more in line with a traditional sniper. It's simply out of hand atm. I can't remember one game where the snipers were this prevalent everywhere.

Agree or disagree, you can't really debate the idea that XIM users have a massive advantage over controller users, and the longbow is the number one abused weapon by a mouse.

Downvote all you want abusers of this weapon. The debate is still going to rage on. You can tweak it in a variety of ways so it fits in better with the other weapons. But right now it's too powerful at all ranges.


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