Crypto needs a buff

Our favorite hacker is now officially the worst legend. The reason he is so bad is because of his play-style which is campy, and a detriment to his team. The reason why I say that is because when he uses his drone mid-fight, it takes him out of the fight temporarily which can be the main reason his team lost that fight. The way I would fix that is by having him pull out his drone without him going into drone view, he would use it that way Lifeline tosses out doc. You would still be able to go into drone view by either double clicking the tactical button or holding it. The way I play Crypto is by quickly using the drone during a fight and putting it near a door, or some other entry to my team’s defended area, to check if they made it through the building. I would also give the drone more health, I would give it at least 80 health, but that would make his ultimate too strong, so when he activates his Emp, it’s health would go down to it’s current 30 health. I want to give it more health so the enemy team can’t just quickly destroy it in the play style I just described. If this is too overpowered a way I would nerf it is by having his drone only be a 80 when Crypto’s not in drone view. He really needs a buff, it doesn’t have to be my idea, I think he could be so much fun to play if he just gets a little push. Devs, please make it happen.


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