Current thoughts on Loba?

Honestly I've been maining her the past few days and I've noticed some issues with her.

1) The broken teleportation is very tedious to deal with, and I REALLY hope this gets fixed in season 6

2) I know that her tactical should be used with extreme caution, and never to be used recklessly, but does anyone feel like its much too restrictive of your movement as it is now? What if the recovery rate increases / decreases relative to the distance she teleports to, so it would sort of increase her flexibility in situations. Also, I see no harm in increasing her speed while waiting for her teleport to go off. At the moment, it's so slow that sometimes you get hit and get killed after teleporting because of the 20hz Tick rate servers. And since they can't really do anything about the servers(as far as we know) this could be a decent change.

Lastly, the Ultimate.

I'm pretty sure it's not just me but it's lackluster right?
I feel like each teammate should get 3 items from the market, since you risk your squads location by placing it anyway. I do know and have tried it by using it for quick armor swaps, but it's a pretty gimmicky use for endgame scenarios right?

On another note: what if her ult could steal enemy banners, at the cost of compromising her location to the enemy squad every 6 seconds until the banner expires? It would end up with some crazy goose chases if that happened and honestly would make for some crazy plays like luring enemies to a caustic nest. However, it could end up being extremely toxic in ranked since you can just steal the banner and keep running/ camp with a caustic and wattson and you're impervious from all directions.

Anyway, what do you guys think?


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