Detrimental to the game

I know, nobody wants to hear another complaint about Skill Based Match Making, yet it doesn’t seem anything has even remotely changed, however I see tons of complaints about it. The biggest reason I see as to why SBMM is hurting Apex is that there is absolutely no purpose in having a ranked mode if Pubs (Public Matches) have a rank system. If you already have a ranked game mode, then REMOVE SBMM from Pubs for people that wanna just relax and not sweat through their teeth. Another point is that with the newly added Duos & Map rotation, you can either play Ranked, or you can play Duos/Trios with SBMM (so basically ranked v2). If I’m just playing pubs for some fun and throwbacks with King’s Canyon, why should I be forced into the highest effort, highest skill, sweatiest games I’ve ever played? When will the Devs listen to the committed, grinding, returning players rather than aiming to grow the player base and cater to weak, new players?


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