Diamond lobbies are currently broken on PS4, and likely on all platforms

As a player that has reached diamond in both seasons it has become painfully apparent that the matchmaking for ranked lobbies is broken.

On PS4 you cannot play a ranked lobby without being put with at least 1 current predator squad, normally more. I'm not talking about those that got predator last season and were deranked as that's fair enough, I'm talking about people that have yet again melted through diamond lobbies and are now working their way through the global predator leaderboards.

There is no reason why I, a diamond 4 player should be matched with the number 2 predator on PS4. For those unfamiliar it's a massacre, they tear through diamond lobbies. This is the reason why there is such a huge jump between platinum and diamond, it's because you're essentially already in predator lobbies.

They need to add another rank in between diamond and predator with harsher point loss rules, or make it so that predators cannot play with diamond 3/4. I think that if you're diamond 1, since you're almost predator you should have to face them.

For context I go from easily stomping platinum lobbies, to being melted by predators in diamond 4.

Either a new rank is required, better matchmaking, or give the ability to de-rank between tiers – even better, why not all 3.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e1611r/diamond_lobbies_are_currently_broken_on_ps4_and/

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