Gold Knockdown Sheild – self-revive thoughts

How do you guys feel about the time to self-revive with a gold knockdown shield?

My thoughts:

I've played about 1,500 games on Xbox, I don't know exactly how many times I've been able to find this knockdown shield, but what I do know is. . . I have found it to be useless, there hasn't been a single time I've had enough time to revive myself before being finished off.

The scenarios where you would need to use it would be if you are last person on your team alive, or you may have gotten separated from your team. In those two cases you don't really have time before the person who knocked you rushes to finish the job. In a situation where you are with your team, and they were still battling the team the knocked you they'd either finish them off and pick you up in time before you would use it, or you get third partied and finished.

I would like to see the time to self-revive reduced, any amount would be nice. Just a thought.

What have your experiences been? Have you been able to self-revive consistently when you pick up the Gold Knockdown Shield?


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