How to fix ranked.

People should be fighting through each rank as with each fight there is numerous improvements to be made.

To encourage this, dmg done, respawns and revives (this is a team based br as many im sure will point out) should all count towards gaining elo.

IMO best version of a BR elo system is A3 BR leaderboards their elo system takes into account your average performance and the average peformance of general players in lobby and comes out with an average. perform better than the average? elo goes up. perform worse? goes down.

However if you keep performing the same every game your rewards diminish. This would cause those cowards who hide to second place just for placement to suffer due to their refusal to actually improve. This would also cause the grinding for predator players to become harder as they need to constantly do better with each game as their average would be incredibly high.

Overall the A3BR algorithm is the best one for competitive BR gameplay ever.

Sidenote: your penalty either gives a timer or deducts double points it shouldnt be both and it most certainly should reset each week and not include training.


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