How to play Crypto (PREDICTION/Guess)

Here is how I think, Crypto will be played.

I'm going to use market, because its easiest

Going in: So, I think you will use your drone and head into market, you will spot any enemies, and warn your teammates.

The you and your teammates go inside.

Banners: Second, say you use a zip-line up to the roof of Market. Both your teammates are down. You run outside of market and use your drone, you go in and pickup their banners, leave drone head to re-spawn beacon, all good

Competitive: Stock up on ultimate accelerants, they're very important. If your in bad positioning, use your drone and find a spot you like, then EMP, and send your teammates in for the job, the quickly blackout and go support your teammates.

Defensive: Now, I see this character as an aggressive player, as his traits are mostly offensive, but here you go. Somethings I have come up with. Use your drone as a surveillance vehicle, if your camping set it up so you know, when a team is coming, for example, your in skull town with a Wattson and a wraith, and Wattson places her fences. Use your drone to camp the door, and you may find some enemies lurking about. Well i cant come up with any.

Please help me with the defensive side, thnx


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