Pathfinder Passive Idea

Hey friends,

Since we know that somewhere along the lines (probably in S5) all Recon characters will be able to use the beacons, rendering the question, what will path's new passive be?

My thought is that if he is a recon legend he should have some way of finding enemies. Since we have one recon with wall hacks (Bloodhound), One recon with a movable camera (Crypto) I thought maybe Path could be a mesh of the two, while still making the other two viable.

Passive: Hello Friends!

When 5m from a building, Pathfinder can make out a rough outline of what or who is inside a building directly in front of him. Enemies found will be given a 3s blue outline and the enemy will see a ui that says "Hi Friends!" When detected.

Pathfinder could be able to scout out buildings that he's right in front of, and if paired with his tactical correctly, could scan a couple floors at once by zipping up, and looking forward at a building.

How I came up with this, was by thinking of a way to give Pathfinder the same kind of wall sights bloodhound gets, just by looking through into a building. I tried to nerf it so he's not too overpowered by making the distance very short for it to be able to work. Let me know what you think!


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