I decided to return, but I regret the decision.

So a bit of backstory,

When the game came out, I didn't play or know about the game, after a month I gave it a shot,

I liked it at first, but when S1 came out, I noticed the amount of people trying their balls off and taking everything seriously (example, my teammates), My interest for the game was going down pretty quickly,

S2 came, I was nowhere, like I didn't play at all, I pretty much lost all interest for the game.

S3 rolled out, I decided to give it another shot, well,

I was disappointed, it was just like how I remembered it,

Sweating, Tryharding, Toxic Teammates, etc… + a little input lag

I'm not trying to talk crap, but I regret the decision I made.

So I feel like I should seriously uninstall the game, again lol.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dnk5hs/i_decided_to_return_but_i_regret_the_decision/

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