I have an idea to fix Apex’s RNG

If you have been playing Apex for at least a couple of days you would know how flawed the RNG is. If you do not know RNG stands for Random Number Generator, or for simplicity chance of something spawning. This is especially in supply crates, where you open 3 and have no guns or body shields. Scramble near by for a gun but find nothing, and then proceed to die by a pathfinder with purple shield a chocked peacekeeper, and even a gold bag cause why not.

This is dedicated towards fixing supply crates, but not making it so you basically win the landmark. But you are not basically screwed to die.


All supply crates should guarantee a body shield, gun, some type of medication, and 1 random gear/hop-up/extended.These should separate sections in the crate but always be different positions as to not to be anti-new players.

4 Supply crates proximity:

Where ever there is a proximity of 4 supply crates there should be a high chance of the better end of shields but have poor weapon selection ( p2020, Mozambique, etc). And vice versa if the guns are good then the body shields are bad.

3 supply crates proximity:

With this it should be a good chance a blue body shield, and with a high chance for way better than bad guns, like alternator, wingman, etc.

2 SC proximity: These should a great chance of white armor, less than good chance for blue and least for purple. However it should have strong guns r99, r301, hemlock, etc.

1 SC proximity:

In all honesty, this should be a total wild card, since you put your faith into 1 crate.


To those who have read through this I thank you, and to those who disagree with my suggestion, I accept how we see this game differently. And leaving on this last note, I truly love this game, the characters, map design, and gunplay is why this community has held on to this game. Apex legends, while surfing on the battle royale hype, its uniqueness is what differentiates itself from other battle royale titles.

I hope your day is well spent and thank you for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d7xquu/i_have_an_idea_to_fix_apexs_rng/

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