Is playing aggressively a good way for a newer player to improve overall?

I decided I want to play Apex more since I've played it on and off a lot, never playing more than 2 games a day

I bought the battle pass and bought Caustic and have been playing him for like 20 games and I'm really enjoying him

I used to play very passively and just hold down an area and try to pick people off from a safe distance but I've just been saying fuck it and going super aggressive in fights (not running away from my squad solo or anything, when it's reasonable to do so

My first game with Caustic I got 9 kills and a win by doing this, which is unusual for me since normally I'd go an entire game getting 0-2 kills at best so I'm thinking playing more aggressively might be better for me (I played Bangalore exclusively before this)

In my last game I was in a fight involving my squad and 2 other squads and managed to kill 5 people and almost kill the 6th before I finally died, and moments like that are the most fun I've had playing apex, even though we didn't win having an actual impact on the game is making it more fun for me since I'm usually more of a liability than anything

Do you guys think it's the 'I don't care' aggro attitude that's leading to my improvement, is it Caustic that's just better than Bangalore or is it just I had a good couple of games

My thinking is playing aggro gives you more game experience (mobility, pvp, learning loot and weps etc) than playing passively so you improve faster too but idk


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