Is the Apex gaming community Toxic? Or is it just me?

I'm probably gonna get downvoted into hell but I feel like the bitterness of issues is really showing when I play… I mean I love this game guys before u think I'm a Fortnite guy shitting on Apex…I never stopped playing since day one and share everyone's frustration with ALL issues but I feel like those issues are irrelevant if the community is full of assholes! I mean seriously is it just me cause I run into so many Dbags who will claim Death Box ownership and will either quit or watch u bleed out for that Oh so sweet gold/purple armor…land wherever, take all guns leave u with shit…I get it it's online gameplay but it's really overwhelming now like every other game or back to back even…and I know just play with friends! but I play late and the times never really work. But my question is… is this Respawns fault? and are we getting more toxic players because we are becoming the toxic players? Is it because the issues we've been dealing with or new ones turning this community toxic? Feels like people have run out of patience out there and I play on Xbox and ps4… Love to know if it's just me…


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