Is there a ideal way to manage your inventory in Apex

With the time I’ve spent playing Apex, there has always been a part of me wondering if there is a certain way I should pack my inventory? Should I have a certain amount of grenades, should I trade out my syringes for a medkit, or do I drop a stack of ammo for a set of arc stars?

Now because there are different tiers of backpacks that provide more inventory space as the game goes on, items should be prioritized differently as the game goes on.

Personally, I believe a wingman or peacekeeper should be present in a loadout. They provide high damage per shot and because of that I only have to have one stack of heavy or a stack of shells. They could even be put together to allow for more flexibility in the inventory. A weapon like the R-301 or R-99 should also be considered when choosing weapons, because of their high DPS output; ideally with two to three stacks of ammo.

Now when it comes to health and shields I would prefer to have a stack of syringes and shield cells in the early game and pick up batteries and medkits as the game progresses. You could be more lenient with meds if you pick a legend like Lifeline, Octane; and Wattson when it comes to shields.

When it comes to grenades, they are best suited for late game, when the ring is in its final stages. A pair of grenades isn’t a bad thing in the early game but they could be traded out for something that would provide more aid.

These are my personal thoughts on the idea of there being an ideal inventory in Apex; What do y’all believe to be the best combination of items for a game of Apex?


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