Is world of tanks really as bad as the community makes it out to be?

I just spent a long time in this reddit and steam forums. Both have quite a negative view on world of tanks. I was NOT expecting most of the comments to be about pay to win.

So i played this game before, i remember when my dad first found it. It looked like a good game, and driving tanks was fun. I started out small and was working my way up. Its grindy but it felt like a grind better than most games i played. The fact that you could loose money if you did badly sucked, but i guess thats to motivate players to do their best.

Anyway my dad is a HUGE fan. He is a nice person and he has played plenty of good games while introducing me to things like oblivion and fallout 3, both which i loved to death. I tried this game with him and it was cool at first, but honestly i think you would have to like tanks as much as he does to continue playing. I ended up playing other games just because they were more interesting for me, but i thought world of tanks had a pretty solid place in terms of gameplay.

I'm still living with my parents, and i see him play it whenever he can. He does have a business so most of the time hes out of the house or working on stuff inside. But he played as much as he could, had tons of fun with the game and i've never really heard him get mad over anything other than being shot out of the blue or wondering how they hit him.

Now after reading the reviews and reddit, its almost an entirely different perspective. Nothing i read here matches up with what he plays. Granted hes spent money on some cool tanks, even got me a tier 7 so we could play higher matches together. I remember him working up to the E 100 which was his favorite tank even though it was so expensive he lost money most of the time when he took it out, or broke even. He said that he plays games to earn money just to take it out because its so fun driving a box with a turret.

He worked for years to get to that tank, and eventually i heard of him getting even more X tier tanks. He eventually joined a clan, and i started to hear all the drama that came with it. He was actually pretty good, and decided to move to a more serious clan after saying his goodbyes to his old clan, who still play with him as friends.

I know peoples experiences can differ and i did not expect this game to be as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I would definitely not get into this game now, but my dad loves tanks so maybe he doesn't really care? I don't want to ask him this because im afraid of how he might take it. I just want him to be happy because he barely has enough time for video games, sometimes he doesn't even play it and just watches movies or something else.

I honestly thought this was the one good game out there with an honest progression and fair enough gameplay. I never expected to see this.


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