Just for fun, what are your theories about buffs / nerfs in the next update?

Pure speculation, but:

Bloodhound Ult nerf (wall hack 66% of the time, do i need to say more?)

Lifeline Passive nerf (just plain stupid and annoying especially with gold bag)

pathfinder buff (Pretty much confirmed as they said they were looking at buffs)

Octane buff (Hopefully more team utility. After all apex is a very team game)

loba buff (Both Tactical and Ultimate are just a but shiet)

Devotion nerf (I think after the first patch of the season they were looking at more devotion nerfs)

Triple Take nerf (A bit spammy, the Choke was great but the fire rate buff just makes it outclass most snipers by miles)

Volt nerf (A lower recoil R99, Hopefully they nerf damage, i originally expected it to be a low recoil low damage smg)

L star buff (Outclassed by every energy gun. Maybe a new hop-up considering it only has two attachments?)

Sentinel buff (Just not great. Disrupter could one shot amped cover and doors maybe?)

This is my opinion would love to see other peoples thoughts

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/j1004z/just_for_fun_what_are_your_theories_about_buffs/

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