Leaving penalties

Hello Legends!

As someone who plays the game much more than I probably should I end up playing with randoms quite often because my friends have lives or something (Lame). I enjoy solo mode but prefer the team aspect of regular Apex mode and ranked has gotten dull as I am now Diamond rank and its impossible unless your entire team is on point.

Anyways, the teammate abandonment issues I have developed in recent months is palpable.

I'd say its near 75% of matches one of the following occurs:

1 – Squad doesn't fill properly. So I'm either jumping solo or duo.
2 – One teammate leaves prior to jumping, disconnects right after legend selection.
3 – One teammate jumps solo and doesn't communicate at all. Typically leaves immediately after doing zero damage to a full squad on the other side of the map and going down.
4 – Land with squad, then 1 or both of my teammates go down and leave immediately. Giving me no chance to revive or respawn after killing the enemy team or even just running.

This needs to be addressed in some way if you ask me. Especially now that Solo mode exists, at least for now, this shouldn't be this big of an issue. I know there was rumor of implementing it in ranked mode but if I remember correctly it didn't really work so they kind of just scrapped it.

I think the time delay method is satisfactory, like they were going to use originally. Something like 1st offense no penalty, 2nd offense 10 min penalty, 3rd offense 30 min, 4th 24 hours. This could be in a certain time window as well, like 12 hours or something.

Thoughts? Condolences? Prayers?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cukulh/leaving_penalties/

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