Hideout Price Efficiency Part 1 : Lavatory

EDIT : It's also 1am here so feel free to take a look at the math in case I fucked it up somewhere. Link at the bottom.

The data

Why I made this

So last week I released a guide about earning money in EFT on this subreddit, and, to my surprise, a lot of people focused on the hideout data.

Now to clarify on that post real quick (like I ended up doing as an edit at the top) : I wasn't giving out the best craft possible, I was just saying "You should craft as much as you can, as a lot of it will be profitable" and I added " I really like bleach because it's value per hour is quite good AND can be traded for variosu pieces of equipment I use a lot" + included a screenshot.

And for some reason, this got a lot of flack.

For the other stations I have been pointed out better crafts which is fine. And for the moonshine people just flat out disagreed with each other. Some people love it, some people hate it. But you can craft it for quite cheap at least once or twice a day when you get the components for cheap enough. Again, I should have been more clear in the detail of this one : I know buying 150k sugar and 85k water is not a very profitable way of making a 240k bottle. It's barely profitable at those prices, especially with fees. But people can do math themselves and I stated multiple times they should look for the prices, and quite often sugar prices go as low as 65k, and you can get it for less than 50k with therapist, much faster than you need it with the booze gen. And I specificed later in the guide that people should use barter trades (without naming this one specifically, I'll grant you that). So really crafting moonshine is really profitable even as resale value.

Insulting me about it was definitely the right way to go guys. Good example for the community, really gives me motivation to keep doing sutff like this… Anyway, back on topic now.

What's in there

The data is spread over 3 days at 3 different times (for a total of 3 samples, not 9).

I really could not be bothered to gather more than 3 days because it's quite a nightmare to do, but I'm hoping this should be enough. I took it at times of low and high traffic, and one somewhere in the middle

I'm not particulary motivated to do all stations, but I might fill it up with time and update it. If someone wants to help me with it, just comment here.

How to read

The leftmost columns represent the prices and components you need to craft. Each price is there 3 times, one for each of my samples.

Same for the sale value of items.

The average cost is the average of the 3 cost prices

The average sale price is the average of the 3 sale prices

The average profit is the difference of the last two

The average profit per hour is the amount of money you'd get in an hour, on average, by only crafting that item.

Best Profit is the same math but not using average, but lowest buy price and highest sell price instead, and from that we also have the best profit per hour if you manage to only craft item in such conditions.

I think column O (Average profit per hour) is the most important one, because you can't guarantee to always buy at lowest and sell at highest. Although when you know your timezone you can really get close to it.

That being said, you should craft the highest value per hour when you're online, and when you're about to log off, the highest absolute sale value (no matter the craft time) because usually you won't be able to restart crafts as often when you're offline. You know your schedule, you can adapt.

Notes :

Blue indicates it's a Dealer/Trader price.

The Red-to-Green scale in background indicates profit. Red means nevative. Orange is better. Green is best.

The mag case is shown as a loss because the price for fuel was for full fuel. Obsiouly this is kinda biased because you would use the fuel, then craft with it. Selling the empty fuel would not work so it's kinda silly to count it in the craft.

For the mag case specifically, here's the data how it would make sense according to me:

Mag case craft without taking fuel into account, because you would empty it anyway. 1300 is about the price of an empty can

The gas filters indicates best profit per hour because there is an instance where I could buy it for cheaper then I could sell it. And because it crafts in 2 minutes, you can technically just multiply that profit by 30. But you wouldn't be able to buy that many without inflating the price, and you wouldn't be able to sell so many without killing the price. So really it's unrealistally high. I would only take the average profit for this one, which was kinda bad as we all know.

Here is the link to the actual doc

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/is84kc/hideout_price_efficiency_part_1_lavatory/

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