Light tanks. Fast food for wheelies?

Long story shorter, I gave up on TD 15 for the 260. So instead, Im going back and freeing up the orders I committed to LT 15 from the T28 Concept years ago.

I usually dont play lights. On the whole, theyve always been very weak, especially at higher tiers it's even more pronounced. Its been this way forever, as far back as I can remember. I mean sure theres a few outliers that are OK at best, but when have you ever looked at a specific light tank (Talking T7+ here) and said, "Wow, that thing is just as OP as a Defender or 279e!"

That being said, Im doing these light tank missions again, and just wow. Man have I realized just how utterly garbage lights are… when facing wheelies. I mean, sure my HWK 30 has a 40% camo rating, and 500M view range, which I feel is decent for T8. But none of that matters when a tomato in a wheelie comes charging in 100km/h to smack me in the face with those mini nuke, auto tracking, laser guided HE rounds.

And even if I try to shoot back, I have to stop and aim if I want any chance of hitting him. I have to manually aim several maps ahead of him to even hit in the first place, and somehow account for his instant 90 degree turns with no penalty. With the HEP rounds the Hwk 30 gets, even IF I hit him when hes doing 2x the speed of light and turning on a dime, those godamn wheels absorb literally everything. Theyre rolling black holes, that absorb every shot you pump into them, including the balance factors too.

Once I get these orders back, Im doing the same thing with these lights, putting them back too; Right in the back of the garage where they belong. I cant imagine people actually playing these in the state theyre in now on a regular basis, it must be horrible.


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