My Brother In Law Gets Mad When Playing Apex With Me

I don’t know if this is the right group to discuss this in, but it is specifically regarding Apex.

My husband, my brother in law and I typically queue in apex together. We’ve been a trio since the game launched and usually work pretty well as a team. However, I started to notice whenever the two of them play without me, they have a lot of fun. But then when it’s the three of us, my brother in law starts getting really angry at the game, which will ultimately result in him rage quitting at some point throughout the night. It’s nothing my husband is doing, he acts the same regardless of who’s playing (meaning he’s calm and is just having a good time). But when it comes to me, my in law gets VERY upset. Like yelling, nearly screaming. I’m not doing anything to antagonize him, and he’s not blaming us either, only the game. So I’m not entirely sure what the issue is? Surely someone out there has a similar experience.

Edit: I see people mentioning that it could be a difference in skill levels, which would be a fair assumption. If he’s not playing apex then he’s playing Minecraft, (same as my husband. I promise we’re all adults!) whereas pvp/fps is more my style of gaming. So that would absolutely make sense.


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