Naked an alone, need some guidance

So I'm curious what experienced players have to say about this situation that I sometimes find my self in.

Our squad lands and we quickly discover that there are a few other squads with us. We all scramble for weapons and I cannot for the life of me find anything. My teammates are able to find some weapons and then have to defend themselves. I continue to look for something, anything, to get me into the fight so I can provide backup.

Both my squad mates get downed. I'm still naked. What is my best course of action here? Get out and hope enemy squads get killed/move on before my teammates' timers run out? Frantically continue to search for loot? Or try to res the squad and pray I don't get caught in the crossfire?

For reference, I am a level 100 potato, so entering a 1v1 is generally a 50/50 for me. 1v3 is suicide.


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