Nerf Shadows

I’ve been playing nothing but shadowfall after it released but im tired, tired of getting ganged up on by 10 shadow without being able to do anything, tired of playing wattson and my fences just deciding not to di damage, and tired of trying to get to the escape ship but i cant get in with any legend except pathfinder because all the shadows keep camping in the damn circle, this is utter bs, the shadows need to be nerfed, getting one shot with a white shield is fine, but having a purple one and it only granting me another hit before i die is just stupid, also shadows shouldn’t be allowed within certain distance of the ship, you should not have to play with pathfinder to win, you should be able to win with every legend, but the way the mode is right now, that is almost impossible.

Edit: read a few comments and changed my opinion a bit, team speak between the last legends should be a thing, but i still think shadows should be allowed to get within the ship’s circle.


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