New Attachment Idea(s)

This new attachment would introduce something called elemental effects. A majority of elemental effects would result in slowing down the opponent but with slight variations. I have three examples of how the elemental attachments would work.

  1. The first change would be taking out the precision choke and swapping it for something like a Railgun Modifier. It makes the Triple take and peacekeeper shoot longer distance but has a "charge time" like before. This would be an electricity type attachment. There wouldn't be much change to the precisionn choke

  2. The first new attachment idea I had would be for Snipers.
    The Sub-zero attachment (Gold) would be for Longbow and G7. The fire rate could be up for change (faster or slower ) depending on how powered this modifier is. But the main change would be body shots do less damage but a headshot would do more. Each body shot would do 10 less damage so longbows would need 3 body shots to kill and 28 per bullet for a G7. The shot would also layer the opponents screen in a thin layer of ice and lasts longer if it's a headshot because the head is not insulated for cold. The slowdown % is up for debate as well. It would basically be like what Wattsons barrier field does but weaker

  3. The Earthen Bullet attachement would be for sub machine guns and/or assaults.
    I think it should be a purple attachment for the alternator and the flatline but bullets would do more body damage and have a increased bullet drop off and slower fire rste. So theres an ever shorter range and can't shoot as fast but it does a lot more damage per bullet. The cool feature I thought about was like the needler in Halo. If a certain number of bullets hit (like 10 in one mag) instead of slowing, it just stuns for 0.5 seconds. This would be huge.

Let me know what you guys think about the addition of elemental effects.


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