Not Sure If I Want to Continue: A Worrying and Overlooked Tidbit from this Episode

Before the Iron Crown event, and the subsequent childish display; I really liked Respawn and always lamented at how Titanfall 2 never took off as it should have. I bought both premium battle passes, and the start pack because I wanted to support an underappreciated, underdog developer who's supporting the only (current) shooter on the market that has mechanics I actually like.

Then this weekend's tirade happened, and beyond the poor behavior were some bits of info that slipped out, specifically the struggling revenue model and a complete lack of willingness to understand why it's failing.

(No cost variance, overpriced, rotating inventory, and useless free currency to name a few)

With that said, is this game on it's way to being abandoned by Respawn's corporate overlords because of its financial struggles? Is investing time and money into this game even wise at this point?

After this weekend, and a key team member's departure it feels like this game is slowly descending into a fire, its charred remains tossed to the side along with Battleborne, Loadout, and Dirty Bomb.


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