Pathfinder Buff Ideas!

Pathfinder is a fun legend, my favorite in fact. However, he is overshadowed by many other legends, including the other recon class legends. I have some ideas to buff him.

Tactical buff: Crouch while using your tactical will pull something in your direction.

Decrease Cooldown From 35 to 20-25 seconds.

Passive 1, Jumpin Mrvn: pathy gets a booster pack that acts like a double jump. So whenever he's launched by his grapple, he can boost himself up for more air time. Does not stack with jumpad double jump.

Passive 2, BFG: Snipers have more ammo in a mag and sight and swap speeds are accelerated. Bullets get less drop in long distances. (20%)?

Ultimate buff. Pathy can attach things to his ziplines such as loot, downed team mates, and abilities such as A-walls, Sheilas, gas traps, black markets and jump pads.

Feel free to comment your own buff ideas. I would like to see some of them!


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