I fell in love with the caliban as soon as I saw it, I don't play meta tanks often as i'd rather play something that's weird and gimmicky and has lots of obvious flaws but at least one cool feature, kv-5 for example, horrible weakspot, best rammer, T-103, tier 6 hull, good turret armour and very high up so you can poke over obstacles other tanks can't, churchil GC, shit in every way, good gun, TOG 2, weak armor, its massive and has load of hp. Playing tanks like these is so satisfying when you get into that perfect situation when you can utilise that one feature, for me that makes up for the struggle all the other times.

It's a tier 8 premium and that's great in my opinion, it isn't another game breakinglyl OP defender for example, getting it as a reward of some sort would almost be an insult and well I don't think any tech tree wants anything to do with it .

This is MY opinion, the way I play the game and have the most FUN.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/p4b1c2/i_love_the_caliban/

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