People with 15,000+ kills

My brothers and I have seen a lot more people recently who have an extremely high amount of kills with one legend and hundreds of wins. Maybe it was crossplay being enabled or maybe I'm just getting put up against them more frequently but I'm honestly curious how often someone has to play to get those type of numbers? I feel like I play quite a bit (usually 1-3 hours a night, a few times a week). I have about 2,000 with pathfinder, like 1,000 with wattson and like 100-500 each for the rest. I have almost 500 hours on Xbox and have been playing since day one. I play a few other games but Apex is definitely my top game right now. For those of you who have that many kills (or more) I'm honestly curious: (no judgement! Seriously)
– How many kills do you have?
– How many hours do you play a week?
– Do you play with any other legends? If so what is your kill spread with other legends? 75% with main then 25% with the rest? Or what?
– Do you have a normal 30-40 hr per week job?
– Do you play any other games?


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