Regarding the Edge of Tomorrow comparison

I was going to post this as a comment but suspiciously the thread has been locked with no explanation. For those unaware, a redditor noticed that a shot from the S3 trailer of Gibraltar is identical to a shot from the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow staring Tom Cruise.

This is not a reference or an homage, and it's certainly not "Humor" as it's bizarrely tagged. This is an animator straight up copying other people's work. The original scene is presumably the effort of a crew of set designers, camera crew, directors, cinematographers, choreographers, the list goes on and on. To literally trace this scene frame for frame is obviously not ok. Another thing that's concerning to me is that despite how this is a blatant rip off, there doesn't seem to be a single comment in the thread about it and again the original thread is locked with no explanation. Any mods want to comment on this?


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