Respawn please add a clan system in this game!

What are your guy's thoughts on this? It would be cool to be able to create a clan where you can edit the description of the clan, create an emblem that would be displayed somewhere on your banner and be displayed on the banner of other people who are in the clan, etc. If a clan name is already in use then it cannot be used again unless the clan is deleted. Maybe put the name of the clan under our name on the hud on the bottom left of our screen during a match and have the clan emblem right next to our name. Once a clan is created, the leader of the clan can approve or deny requests of other individuals who would like to join the clan. This game has potential to be high up there in the competitive scene and I feel like a way to legitimize groups of players who play competitively is by adding a clan system in the game. Clans should also have their own stats page where you can see how many wins, kills, etc the clans got and so on. There could also be clan leaderboards.


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