Respawn, please consider keeping solos and not removing them temporarily in order to reintroduce/tweak them

I think enough players would really like if solos stayed in the game. I think taking a break, even if you'll reintroduce them later, could negatively affect the momentum the mode provided to the game and to the large portion of the player base. I think it's safe to assume you will reintroduce the mode later, as it seems the mode has been very successful and reinvigorated the game both on Twitch and with many players as well. But, perhaps it would be better to ride that wave instead of cutting momentum.

There is no reason to pull the mode from the game while tweaking or reassessing it, since that can be done while we have the current version to queue for. This version works perfectly fine. We even have the solo-inspired report reason:)

People haven't reported any significant disruption in queue times, either.

So, even though the event/mode ends tomorrow, consider leaving the solos on even if it wasn't planned. I think there are lots of positives regarding that decision and not many downsides.

I forgot one huge upside to the solos. I can do "land in xyz", "get x kd's in abc", "play 1 game as xyz" and so on without any consideration for teammates.


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