Serious Discussion: Should tournament players be forced to play at least at a certain minimal graphics settings… please read inside for my thoughts

I was watching the Apex tournament this weekend and noticed that one of the players had the lowest texture settings I had ever seen. Now, I know this isn't considered a cheat, but this is an old school tactic for reducing noise in your game so you see only the most important information. I noticed, especially, that the players screen was showing significantly less plants than you would normally see, as well as zero shadows, etc. Furthermore, the player has a 2080ti and 32GB of RAM, so it is apparent that there is a reason that someone with a god-tier PC would play pro fps games on settings like this.

Again, I know this isn't 'illegal', but I do think it is worth considering. In a gaming community where the average pro player is at least able to hit high fps on 1080p, shouldn't the players be required to have at least a close-to-equal graphical setting?

I need to say before someone thinks I am calling someone a cheater, I am not. The player I am talking about is a top tier player, there is no doubt of that.


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