Solo rank is in hell

Hi guys just want to discuss that solo rank is like hell. People who don't know how to fight and have no idea how to position themselves every round. These dudes rush into a fight between two squads and get murdered. Then they put hands on keyboard start blaming why team doesn't rush with him. In the final 3 team, it is best to take good position and fight until the very best moment while the team expose themselves by randomly shooting and get knocked down immediately. There is no chance to do a 2 v3 when other squads take in good position. Others are standing on the roof and expose themselves and get rushed. I know everybody want to kill all other squads to win. However randoms do not know cover for their team and have no idea when to shoot so it is basically no confidence to fight with randoms before you get -36.

I hope following matchmaking could be more skill based. Group players into different skill category, some are good at killing others. others are good at positioning and some are both. Anyway, it is unplayable in rank if you want to rank up.


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