Some bits I’d like to see added?

Yo respawn if your looking to add stuff to your to-do list just some little suggestions for you….

Change bloodhound ult to be quiet/er. (It's very noisy I can sometimes hear bloodhound ults on other servers)

Colour code lifeline package doors. (Now we know that the sides are not random a little red blu green line under each door would help me get armour from my ult)

Have a cycle screensaver option.

Make supplies usable off the floor especially ult accelerant.

Please make the looting mechanism faster, increase the reticle speed or add in a dpad function or something.

Slight increase to wraith phase walk it feels just too short?

Remove the environment interaction of mirages foot steps from his ultimate? Noise is fine but the dust and splashes make it awful.

Remove the life line 5% penalty, it's unfair imo as she doesn't have the mobility of wraith and path?

Training mode..

Please make some changes to this, it's all very simple stuff which I'm sure wouldn't take much to implement:

  1. make all legends available.
  2. Add in all types of sights and attachments.
  3. Add in the crate weapons.
  4. Give me a legend to shoot at!
  5. Not sure how viable it is but if I could take my team with me into training with friendly fire on that would be amazing!!


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