Sound design is the biggest problem facing high-tier play at the moment

I'm a diamond player, and I wanted to open up a discussion about the third party meta which exists significantly in part because it's impossible to know you're there until you start shooting. I'm no novice to this game, but there are a lot of times where my whole squad has died and we swore down there was no indication an entire squad had just jumped on us, even when there's no fighting happening.

Inexplicably, some things that logically should be relatively quiet like reviving a teammate or taking an item from a deathbox are sound beacons that can be heard miles away in the middle of a gunfight for some reason, but things that definitely should be loud like Pathfinder's zipline and grapple are inexplicably absent even when there's no fighting in earshot. Pathfinder in particular seems to have major levels issues. It shouldn't be possible to place a zipline and zip up 10 meters from an enemy without them having any indication that you're there. This is something that has happened to me (and I've done to others) countless times and it always feels like bullshit whether you're on the delivering or recieving end. Using Octane's jump pad or opening a portal is loud, and rightfully so, but sometimes there are things I feel I definitely should have heard.

I'm sure you've had times where you wander upon an entire enemy squad while running in the wild without either of you hearing anything. I'd appreciate discussion on the issue so there's more awareness to respawn about this issue. Pathfinder needs to be made louder across the board, and footsteps should have their levels adjusted based on the material. On solid rock, I can understand the ability to be quiet. In tall grass or on sheet metal? Definitely not.


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