Tease for next Season 5 Event?

So I don't know why people never talk about this, maybe it's not that much noticeable, but battle pass frames ALWAYS match/tease skins that are going to released in upcoming events.
It has been like this every season, maybe season 1 is the less obvious since it had pretty simple frames, but from season 2 to 5, all frames have a matching legendary skin that has later released (season 2 frames matching Iron Crown skins, season 4 matching System Override skins, season 5 matching Lost Treasures skins)
Just check yourself if you haven't noticed already.

What I'm saying is that they actually tease the upcoming events from the start of a season, and by looking at those frames we can actually imagine what kind of skins we are going to get.

So after this being said, what's up with the Wraith and Crypto Frames in this Battle Pass, having a Space/Planets vibe, it's no coincidence we're seeing those recent UFO leaks

Maybe some space related skins next event?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hlw8v4/tease_for_next_season_5_event/

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