The G7 Scout is… weird.

The Scout is in a really weird spot right now. By weird, I mean bad. It’s bullet drop & velocity make it irrationally bad at medium-long range (against moving targets), at close range it’s almost too good. This light ammo gun, does more damage per shot than every heavy weapon (besides the wingman), but barely and with so much more ammo/better handling. You’re handing out 5 piece nuggies on anybody with blue shields, easy. It’s a Scout gun, reduce the damage, reduce the bullet drop, increase projectile speed, and then leave it alone.

The Fix:

Decrease vertical recoil (slightly),
Increase hip fire spread

ROF: 273 to 335 (Hemlok SF is 384, for reference)

Headshot dmg: 60 to 48

Body dmg: 34 to 26

Leg dmg: 26 to 19

ADS Speed: -65% to -55%

Bullet velocity: 31500 to 32500

Bullet drop: idk what maths are there but fuck it needs to be decreased. It’s light ammo but shoots bowling balls jfc

  • Double Tap hop up name change to Burst, changing the Scout from a 2-Piece, to a 3 tapper. ROF, 335 to 415 (Hemlok is 490, for reference). Which would change the damage profiles of landing your shots to: H, 120 to 136. B, 68 to 78. L, 52 to 57. There’s not a burst light gun, and DT isn’t used by very many, outside of the Eva-8.


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