The game is at a bad state and needs alot of change

the new map is way to open, the second you decide to fight someone everyone has a view on you and with the new sniper its too easy to hit from far, since its simply point and click.

remove shields and give everyone a basic shield that levels up when you fight and win against a team, as a reward for people who dont camp.

the zone deals too much dmg, the game should focus on loosing by fighting and not because you got unlucky, you dont get any time to loot if you fight atleast one team, if you are far from the zone.

get rid of some guns if you decide to add some, the amount of bad guns is way too high.

the game should reward skilled players and not give luck and random rng a chance, also lootboxes and small buildings should always have atleast one gun, again you should loose by fighting not because you are unlucky.

i know this sounds like a hatefull message, but i really would enjoy the game more if i didnt lose random games, because of random stuff.


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