the problem with the matchmaking system

There is a problem with the matching system in apex. I don't know if you've experienced any difficulties regarding this topic but here i go. When you start up a match I've always expected to be a procedure where the game picks the players so that there is an almost equal skill level amongst the teams. It turns out i was wrong. The only time there is an automated system that does this is is when a new account is created. Which leads to a problem with smurfs but I'm not going to talk about this now. The main problem is that since there is no said "bot" or "system" then the teams are completely randomized. On almost 90% of my games i get teammates that don't know how to shoot or are overall bad teammates like leavers, toxic people and throwers. Now, if the enemy teams were like that too there would be no noticeable problem since the average skill level of the teams would be equal. But its not like that. The enemy squads are on a much higher skill level than my teammates. And its not even that I'm low level, I'm level 270+. My teammates are usually around 30-70 level at max, although there are some cases were i get matched up with level 100s. But jokes on me they are trash too. I have been getting teammates that are this bad so frequently I've tried to find people to play with on an lfg site. FOR PUBS. That's the magnitude of the situation. So, this is the situation in lesser words. Teammates too bad for the skill level of my enemies. And if any apex devs are reading this, please implement a fair matching system in the game. I don't care how long it takes i just want to enjoy the game on my own without having to look for teammates. (also for any smartasses in the replies yes, I've tried solos but I don't like it one bit because everyone is camping, the loot tables are all fucked up and the only viable character in this mode is pathfinder).


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