The whole game feels like a beta right now, not just crossplay

So i was hopping on today with a friend, pretty excited to play a few rounds with the balance changes and new event. My excitement faded pretty quick, when i realized how many bugs there were and most of them are super obvious, too.

-Characters are having a stroke in the lobby

-Display bug in the upper right and many menues

-Disconnects every second round, code:leaf, code:net

-Opening a pack results in a stuttering animation

And these are just the most obvious problems on top of my head.

Next topic: Crossplay.

Crossplay seems like a good idea, but the servers are so bad already, and this update seems to have made them even worse. Lags all the time, unable to disconnect from the server, frame drops, game crashing. Long story short: ITS BAD.

Additionally, if you disable crossplay you don't seem to find a game. Queued for 10 minutes, no game was found, stuck at 39 player. You could actually just fill these queues with playstation players, who are set on crossplay.

Next, im not the one to complain about SBMM, i can hold my ground against playstation preds, but against PC preds you dont stand a chance. Now a few players think: there are many controller players that have a chance, the difference is, they are playing on pc and have PC FPS(Frames Per Second). More FPS means, their aim assist is stronger, which is the only way for them to compete. As a 60 FPS console players, unless you outskill your opponent heavily, you will get crushed.

So please for the love of this game: Just launch crossplay lobbies, when the players in your lobby are actually crossplaying, and if you dont find enough players, fill it with PC players, not vice versa.

If as a result of crossplay will stay this bad, please don't implement it at all. If i was a new/casual player that comes back from a long break, i would just instantly quit again. Maybe delay the update instead of shipping it with tons of previsible bugs.

Thanks for reading my short rant.


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